Oxford provides direct access to an experienced network and powerful team of mailroom, litigation support, and case management staff.

Our team offers a broad portfolio of solutions for corporate counsel, law firms, and government attorneys, including reliable and secure claims administration, data management, data analysis, and expert testimony for litigation, compliance, and regulatory matters.

Oxford is poised to support Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) through our case management services.  We understand that fully qualified case management personnel are a major part of the readiness success achieved by the military recently.  The Oxford Team has retained a healthcare specialist for recruiting Registered Nurses.

Electronic Forms

We accelerate work processing, eliminate manual data entry errors, and ensure data accuracy and completeness with seamless integration of electronic forms created with industry-standard tools.  Forms are a critical on-ramp for case management, allowing data to be captured and validated before starting a business process or case.

Alignment with Department of Defense (DoD) Procedures

The Military Health System (MHS) has outlined its primary goals for case management, including evaluation of the impact of case management on the quality of military health care.  Oxford recognizes the criticality of improving the care, management, and transition of recovering Service members.  Oxford’s Case Management personnel are trained to provide case management services to include those with complex and at-risk needs before the Soldier requires complex care.

What We Do

  • Provide direct access to our litigation support and case management staff

  • Provide fully qualified case management personnel, including Registered Nurses and Non-Clinical Care Coordinators

  • Support Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) through our case management services

  • Coordinate contract staff schedules, assigning cases across staff

  • Oversee and report on the quality delivery of case management services

  • Effectively handle all medical documents received for case management

Oxford’s Case Management expertise stems from our experience in the Case Management lifecycle: assessment, planning, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation.

Have Oxford establish and coordinate your Case Management services.

Have Oxford establish and coordinate your Case Management services.