Consulting Services

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Oxford’s consulting practice is centered on providing exceptional management and technology consultants to the federal government. Our services portfolio, as highlighted below, includes comprehensive planning, execution, and operational frameworks in support of your Agency’s IT programs and projects.

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IT Strategic Planning

Alignment of technology and business mission goals has become an integral part of every organization’s ability to plan and operate... Read More

Cyber Security

Utilize Oxford’s cyber security practice to establish and strengthen your Agency’s cyber standards and policies... Read More

IT Shared Services

Oxford's approach to shared services enables organizations to deliver IT solutions faster, for less money, and with fewer resources... Read More

Software Services

Oxford Software Services encompass a full life-cycle methodology approach that includes comprehensive planning, execution, and ... Read More

Management Consulting

Consulting as a practice is a broad field, and can be applied to various sectors, methodologies, and areas of expertise... Read More

Project Management Office Services

Oxford specializes in developing, delivering, and executing Project Management Office (PMO) frameworks that ensure... Read More

Enterprise Architecture

With Oxford’s EA consultancy, your organization will establish and manage common and structured EA policies and standards... Read More

Document Management

Oxford provides the services to assist your organization in capturing, managing, preserving, and delivering document content... Read More

Aviation Management Services

Achieving aviation operations and mission objectives requires managing a complex and multi-faceted work-force that is disciplined, cost-effective, and compliant with standard operating procedures. Read More

Mailroom Services

Oxford provides state of the art, outsourced inbound and outbound mailroom services. Transform your mailroom, utilizing Oxford digital strategy services to assist your organization in capturing, managing, preserving, and delivering mailroom content. Read More