Management Consulting

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Federal agencies face a challenge of fulfilling broad and diverse missions.  Achieving mission objectives requires managing a business environment that is large and multi-faceted, with business units serving different purposes and oftentimes working independently of one another.  However, adherence to overall agency goals as well as the alignment of business functions on the strategic level is important.  In order to achieve this, it is beneficial for federal agencies to look to Oxford to assist with an unbiased approach in providing:

  • An objective assessment of business processes, functions, and organizational groups, classifying their importance and providing recommendations for change
  • Solutions/services that are equipped to help an organization accomplish its multiple mission areas without sacrificing its overall strategy
  • A path for organizational transition and optimization of business strategy, functions, and processes

Consulting as a practice is a broad field, and can be applied to various sectors, methodologies, and areas of expertise.  Management consulting assesses existing organizational challenges, needs, and areas of improvement.  After assessment, strategic recommendations and a plan for improvement is proposed and implemented.  Through this entire process, Oxford consultants take note of lessons learned, organizational challenges, and any inherent barriers to change.  They then tailor a dynamic and adaptable approach to solving existing organizational problems and preventing future ones. Oxford has established a high standard and benchmark in the management consulting field.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a dynamic team of technology consultants that in turn provide effective and efficient solutions to organizational issues while accomplishing major client milestones with relative ease.

Oxford management consultants utilize standardized proven procedural based approaches, are creative in our recommendations, and are extremely capable in our service delivery.   We work hand in hand with clients, trying to increase internal efficacy through collaboration.  We recognize and try to create opportunities that build employee skills, knowledge, and leadership though our recommended actions.

Our processes are designed to be repeatable, and we provide sustainable methods and solutions once our client services are complete.  We provide our clients with the training and knowledge to utilize any approach we implement.  Our in-depth knowledge of the federal contracting environment allows us to provide federal solutions and frameworks that meet internal and external stakeholder requirements.  Ultimately, our goal is for your organization to look back at the work we did and realize the value created by Oxford for your organization.  We aim to be the technology consultant of choice for federal government organizations.

What We Do…

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Project Management Office Operations
  • Acquisition Procurement Management Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • IT Governance and Stakeholder Management
  • IT Capital Planning Investment Control
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Human Capital Planning and Development
  • Customer Service Transformation
  • CIO Advisory Services
  • Services Management