Enterprise Architecture

Implement the Common Approach!

Enterprise architecture (E A) provides a way for Federal agencies to understand their mission, understand the components required to perform that mission, and understand how those components are connected, to include documenting, planning, and implementing:

  • The Strategy Layer – Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives
  • The Performance Layer – Program and investment measures and outcomes
  • The Business Layer – Business processes and models, mission and support services
  • The Data Layer – Data standards, open data, information exchange protocols
  • The Application Layer – Application standards, interoperability requirements, shared services
  • The Technology Layer – Infrastructure, standards, interoperability requirements, services support

EA provides an agency with the information necessary to understand how planned changes will affect each of the architecture’s components. Oxford works with federal agencies to leverage the EA to facilitate decision-making, understand the impact of emerging trends, and connect it with the very real and tangible processes of budgetary planning and enterprise investment management. With Oxford’s EA consultancy, your organization will establish and manage common and structured EA policies and standards (reducing IT risks), you’ll improve interoperability and integration, you’ll identify opportunities for reducing costs, you’ll submit an on-time annual and compliant OMB EA Roadmap, and you’ll improve your agency’s overall security posture.

Oxford Government Consulting’s personnel maintain a detailed and current knowledge of Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)standards and policies based upon our continuing support of federal agencies and our detailed understanding of the “Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture”. We apply that knowledge daily in managing and supporting Enterprise Architecture efforts for federal agencies. For example, our team not only directly supports the overall Enterprise Architecture for cabinet level agencies, but also supports responses to inquiries from OMB regarding policy and architecture, while facilitating the development of an agency’s Information Resources Management Strategic Plan and Enterprise Road map.

The Oxford approach to EA is two-fold.  If an organization has an existing EA, we will conduct a full assessment of its current state, provide recommendations for change and improvement, and help the agency implement and advance towards a desired model.  If an organization does not have an EA framework in place, Oxford will design, develop, and implement the necessary business, technical, and strategic functions in order to maintain and report on a successful FEA.  We will also continuously reassess existing processes and methodologies to ensure the agency stays current with technology trends and business approaches.

What We Do…

When supporting and consulting on an EA project, Oxford provides the required and qualified Project Managers, Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Business Architects, and Business Analysts to assist clients in developing a resilient and agile architectural framework. We also understand every environment is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly for every client’s specific environment and agency frameworks. Oxford EA Services include:

  • Enterprise Architecture: Assessment, Review, and Development
  • Target Architecture: Design, Review, Migration Plan
  • IT Asset Inventory: Development, Review
  • Enterprise Roadmap: Development, Assessment, OMB Submission
  • Strategic EA Communication: Strategic Forums and Working Groups, Enterprise Communication Initiatives, Executive Leadership and Communication