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Airbizman-v2-01Oxford Government Consulting, LLC, an equal opportunity employer, assists our nation’s veterans through our Military to Management Consultant (M2MC) Sponsor and Scholarship Program. This program, working in partnership with the Federal CPIC Forum’s Candidate to Analyst Initiative (C2AI), is intended to offer opportunities to military and service disabled veterans, as part of a career transition to the management consulting field, within the Information Technology (IT) Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) delivery discipline. IT CPIC is the Federal Government’s primary process for making investment decisions, assessing investment process effectiveness, and refining investment CapitalPlanning_large-1related policies and procedures. CPIC is supported by both the Clinger-Cohen (1996) and Federal IT Acquisition Reform (2014) Acts, which require Federal Agencies and Federal Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to utilize a disciplined process to acquire, use, manage, maintain and dispose of information technology (IT). IT CPIC accomplishes these requirements via three phase components: the Select Phase, the Control Phase, and the Evaluate Phase of the IT investment process.

All candidates will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including marital or parental status), disability, or age. Application eligibility is for any veteran that has been discharged honorably from any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Candidates for the M2MC Sponsor and Scholarship Program must have been honorably discharged, possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an approved institution, must meet the minimum qualifications of the C2AI application process, must be competitively selected as part of both the M2MC Sponsorship and C2AI Application process, must be committed to the IT CPIC management consulting career field, and must satisfactorily complete the CPIC Forum’s C2AI program.

Oxford M2MC Sponsorship and Scholarship candidates must successfully complete the C2AI application and selection process as required by both Oxford and the Federal CPIC Forum’s “C2AI Special Interest Group (SIG)”. Oxford sponsorship and scholarship selection is contingent upon successful screening to include the receipt of a valid and qualifying Form DD-214. Oxford sponsored M2MC and C2AI programs indoctrinate and complete each year in accordance with the one-year C2AI program requirements. Oxford M2MC Sponsorship activities are conducted on an annual at will basis.

Please contact Candice Reavis at, Oxford’s M2MC program administrator, regarding any M2MC sponsorship questions. Please refer to the Federal CPIC Forum’s C2AI site for C2AI Application Requirements.

Applicant Requirements: Applicants desiring to be selected for the program will meet the following minimum criteria, combined with the more in-depth C2AI application.

  • Must pass a drug-screening test for federal or agency direct or contract employment.
  • Must pass appropriate level of security clearance screening criteria.
  • Must be able to travel to Washington, DC, for education and training up to two (2) occasions, for mandatory participation in a 2 day training course as well as a 2-day conference.
  • Must be willing to relocate to Washington, DC metro-area for job placement if applicable.
  • Must have an undergraduate degree by the time the C2AI program is completed, and have an honorable discharge.
  • Must have a background or interest in management consulting, IT capital planning, financial management, information management, and information technology.
  • Must have three professional references and three personal references that can be verified.
  • Must have approximately 80-100 hours to devote to the program in order to graduate and receive a C2AI certificate.
  • Must be willing to accept an entry-level or mid-level position ranging from $45,000 per year to $100,000 per year, depending on analyst qualifications and ranking.
  • For those desiring the CPP certification, must meet the minimum experience requirements and complete the CPP exam with a passing score.

Oxford M2MC Scholarship Benefits: Tuition – $5,000 paid per Oxford Sponsored Candidate for the One-year M2MC C2AI program, as follows:

  • Includes Application fee, Processing & Selection.
  • Includes CPIC Conference Attendance (Federal Information Technology (FIT) Gov Summit), Registration Fee (not to include Travel, Lodging, Per Diem, or other Direct Costs).
  • Includes Webinar Educational Package: including a special C2AI promo code for unlimited registration codes for Zen Federal & CPIC Forum & Industry-Available webinars for 1 year.
  • CPIC & the AITBMR Course, two days and courseware  (not to include Travel, Lodging, Per Diem, or other Direct Costs).
  • CPIC Forum Membership for one year.
  • Professional Mentoring & Resume Consulting Sessions: not to exceed 5 hours.
  • CPP filings, application fees and Exam fees if the minimum experience is met during the 1 year course period (One exam fee will be paid by Oxford if experience is satisfied, retakes are subject to additional fees)
  • Does NOT include travel, lodging, meals and/or other direct costs

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Oxford has been a proud supporter of VETSPORTS, having provided a League Fee, a Flight for a National Team Member, an Athlete Support Pack, and a Veterans ‘Community Sports Day’ Ticket as part of season operations. Visit VETSPORTS  today to see what you can do for our Nation’s Veterans!

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