IT Shared Services

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Today, federal agencies must innovate with less given current fiscal constraints, increasing mission requirements, rising customer expectations, and the ever-evolving landscape of IT. For federal agency chief information officers (CIOs) this means that they must:

  • Deliver solutions faster, for less money, and with fewer resources
  • Develop authoritative future-ready business and technology architectures/standards to guide investments
  • Utilize leading edge technologies and methodologies to accomplish agency mission and support functions more efficiently, while improving quality and flexibility

Oxford Government Consulting realizes that taking an integrated approach to IT shared services not only creates a better foundation for efficient and effective services delivery, but also enables organizations to more easily align resources with overall mission needs. Our approach to understanding an Agency’s IT Shared Services potential and environment leverages our experience in the maturity path for Services Management as well as understanding the IT Shared Services Lifecycle. We understand every agency has different challenges, and our methodology accounts for these differences and helps clients to understand the opportunities that exist for IT Shared Services development, adoption, and deployment.

Our IT Shared Services Lifecycle provides a way to understand the steps involved in providing new shared services for consumption as well as how to manage the IT Shared Services portfolio. Our Lifecycle consists of the following core phases: Identification, Validation, Selection, Development, Deployment, and Management. Ongoing functions include Customer Engagement, Business Review, and Technology Review. The Customer Cycle (how Customers actually consume services) involves the steps of searching for a service, acquiring it, and then using it.

What We Do…

  • IT Shared Services Maturity Assessment
  • IT Shared Services Strategy Development and Maintenance
  • IT Shared Service Lifecycle Management
  • Investment Analysis and IT Shared Service Reporting
  • Vetting, Validation, and Development of specific IT Shared Services
  • IT Shared Service Customer Engagement