November 2017

Please visit Oxford’s Exhibitor’s Booth #920 at the VA’s NVSBE St. Louis, MO, December 4-7th, 2017 NVSBE Conference Event! NVSBE is the VA’s premier small business engagement event! Visit for the details. NVSBE directly supports the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), other federal agencies, state government, as well as commercial firms procurement needs. Oxford is proud to support the VA, our Nation’s Veterans and NVSBE!!

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"Oxford has centralized our strategic business management functions, the result has been increased transparency and consistency across a wide variety of policy and technology discussions within our Agency. The overall result is increased OCIO effectiveness and technology control across the Agency as a whole -

Federal Manager."

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"Oxford's project management office services are exemplary, their structured control processes and project frameworks are based on protecting the interests of Government, and have resulted in significant savings for our Agency -

Federal Partner."